Resolve Common Design Space Software Issues

Design Space is the Cricut machines’ program that enables the communication between the Cricut machine and the PC. The software is easily available to download on the site, but sometimes your PC may experience issues while installing it, after installation, or even while using it. Though you won’t need to encounter a problem for sure, if you do, you’ll require to fix it.

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Here, we’ve included some common issues that you may get with the Design Space.    

Issue 1. Installed Design Space Isn’t loading

You’ve downloaded the software but not installed it yet. In this case, simply double-click on the downloaded file and follow on-screen instructions to install the Design Space.   

Let’s see how you can install the Design Space on your PC without any hassle;

Windows System –

  1. Download the Design Space from
  2. Open the downloaded designspace.exe file location and double click on it.
  3. Select the option asking you to trust the application. 
  4. Installation starts quickly.
  5. Enter Cricut sign-in details.
  6. Right-click on the app icon on the desktop and select Pin to Taskbar.

Mac system –

Follow the below steps after downloading the Design Space;

  1. Open the download location and double-click the .dmg file.
  2. Drag the Cricut icon to the apps folder.
  3. Installation begins automatically and adds to the app folder.
  4. Open the applications folder.
  5. Launch Design Space by double-clicking on the app.

To launch or load the installed Design Space, follow the below instructions.

For Windows:-

  • Press the Windows icon.
  • Search Cricut Design Space in the search field.
  • Select the application to launch.

For mac:-

  • Go to Finder.
  • Select Applications.
  • Double-click on the Design space app to launch.

Issue 2. Trouble Sign Into Design Space

Design Space asks you to enter the Cricut account credentials during installation, and if you fail to sign in, you’ll require fixing it. The easiest way to fix the account sign-in issue is a password reset.      

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  1. Enter the email address or Cricut ID when the Cricut sign-in page appears.
  2. Click on forget the password.
  3. Check the entered email and click the reset link.
  4. Set a password and try signing in again.

If you still can’t sign in, contact Member Care.

Issue 3. Frequent Prompts to Download Design Space

You may see these prompts on your desktop screen when any update is available. Also, when you open the site, it always prompts you to download the Design Space even if you’ve already downloaded the app on your PC. It would help if you chose the OPEN option instead of downloading. If the prompt is more frequent, reinstall the Cricut software.

Issue 4. Can’t see Saved Projects and Uploaded Images

Make sure you have saved all projects and images. If you save and still can’t see the projects or images, check your internet connection. No internet or slow internet usually creates such issues. Reconnect the internet and relaunch the Design Space app.

Issue 5. Blank White Screen when launching Design Space

So you’ve just launched the Cricut software, and you see nothing but a blank white screen or even if it’s not loading. It is resolvable by erasing the application cache. Hence, go through the below solutions on windows and mac.

Windows –

  • Close the Design Space.
  • Navigate to File Explorer, select This PC and open Local Disk (C:).
  • Select the Users folder.
  • User names vary depending on what you’ve set.
  • Click to open .cricut-design-space folder then LocalData folder.
  • Select all files and press shift+delete. It’ll permanently delete those items. 
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  • Launch the Design Space and click the View tab in the system menu.
  • Select the Force Reload option to fix the issue.

Check the Design Space screen whether your screen is working or blank. If the application is slow, you can also follow the above fix to resolve the issue.

Mac –

  • Don’t leave Design Space open.
  • Open Applications from Finder and click Utilities, then open Terminal.
  • The command box appears, type – defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES
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  • Close the Terminal.
  • After closing the Terminal, press the Control key and Options and hold.
  • Click on Finder and click on the Relaunch tab.
  • Select your hard drive and click on the Users folder.
  • Click on your user account name. 
  • Open folder –.cricut-design-space LocalData.
  • Select all files and drag them to the Trash and empty it.
  • Launch the Cricut app and force-reload it.
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If nothing happens, reinstall Cricut Design Space. If reinstallation doesn’t help fix issues, contact Cricut tech support Member Care. 

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